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AutoIt is an application that lets you program your computer to automatically perform tasks which you have included in a specific script.

It can simulate both mouse movements and keyboard strokes; clicking and selecting from the menu options or controlling program´s windows.

This application can prove very useful for when you must run a task periodically, or when you want to show someone how to perform a certain action.

SciTe is used to program the scripts, you can download it by clicking here. Learning the language that AutoIt uses, however, is not easy, so you should have some prior programming knowledge in order to be able to create a decent script.

Other neat things you can do with AutoIt include:

-Move, resize and handle windows.

-Interact with the controls found in a specific window.

-Create programs with graphical interfaces.

-Generate executables using scripts.

-And much more.

The application also comes with a detailed tutorial that explains how to program a script from zero.
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